2017 AusCTW
2017 Australian Communications Theory Workshop (AusCTW)

Australian National University — 18–20 January 2017

 Travel Grants

AusCTW 2017 is pleased to offer about 10-15 travel grants to students who will register and attend AusCTW 2017 (early career researches are also encouraged to apply). The grants will be awarded on a competitive basis to a limited number of applicants who have a genuine need for financial support to attend AusCTW 2017. The amount may vary from case to case based on the available budget, travel distance and other relevant factors.

  • Application deadline: Closed
  • Acceptance notification: Closed

Grant Awardees (in alphabetical order)

  • Rana Abbas, University of Sydney

  • Rajith Abeywardana, University of Auckland

  • Hamdan Awan, UNSW

  • Saurav Dahal, Victoria University

  • Rui Dong, University of Sydney

  • Shama Islam, Deakin University

  • Nadhiya Mohd Kamal, University of Auckland

  • Samaneh Movassaghi, ANU, Based in Data61 Sydney

  • Naufan Raharya, University of Sydney

  • Rajitha Senanayake, The University of Melbourne

  • Zhuo Sun, UNSW

  • Zhiqiang Wei, UNSW

  • Lou Zhao, UNSW

Grants Award Conditions

  • The applicant must be a full-time student enrolled towards a Bachelor, Masters, or Ph.D. degree (or an early career researcher) in computer science, or in a field of engineering cognate to information and coding theory, in a college or university, at the time of submitting their application;
  • The grant recipient must register at the appropriate rate for AusCTW 2017 and attend AusCTW 2017 in person;
  • Reimbursement will only be made as long as the award recipient submits the expense report (original receipts and their bank account details) within 30 days after AusCTW 2017.
  • Application for travel grant for both AusITS and AusCTW is discouraged, but a small amount may be granted under special circumstances.

How to apply (Closed)

The application must include the following:

  • A travel grant application form, Download the form here;
  • A reference letter from their supervisor;
  • Their up-to-date resume;
  • A cover letter to state the purpose of attending AusCTW 2017 and how the travel grant will be spent.

Applications must be complete to be considered and must be submitted electronically before the deadline using this link

The organizers will:

  • Make the decision by December 24, 2016. The travel grant awardees will be notified by email.
  • Publish successful applicants’ names on the AusCTW 2017 web page.
  • Distribute the travel grants to the award recipient’s bank accounts as long as they submit the expense report (original receipts and their bank account details) within 30 days after AusCTW 2017.

Once an acceptance notice is received, the grant recipient must:

  • Make their own travel arrangements and pay for the registration at the appropriate rate, and then submit their expense report (original receipts and their bank statements) within 30 days after AusCTW 2017.
  • Obtain a visa to visit Australia and attend AusCTW 2017 if applicable.

Additional Information

  • The typical grant support is up to $400. Applicants can apply for a different amount. In any case, the travel grant selection committee reserves the right to award an amount lower than requested.
  • The grants can only be used to cover the travel expenses and registration fee to attend AusCTW 2017.
  • Non-student applicants, such as early career researchers, who also need financial support to attend AusCTW 2017, are encouraged to apply. The travel grant selection committee will carefully consider the merits of each case.


Please address any questions to link